Sunday, July 1, 2018

Social Media Tips for Business

Businesses of all sizes are realizing the benefits of social media. It is no longer the case that you, your sales people or administrative assistant are the first point of contact between the outside world and your company. That role is now the responsibility of your website and online social media profiles. So use social media wisely...
Publish Relevant Content
Social media is a great inbound marketing tool that can help you generate interest, collect leads and build your email list. Publishing and posting content that is relevant to both your brand and your audience is a way to attract customers who are truly interested in your brand, and the products and services you have to offer. Relevant content adds value to the your message, positions you and your brand as a trusted advisor, and is authentic and believable.

Know Your Audience
To connect with your clients and prospects (your audience), you need to understand what is important to them. It is also important to know the level of knowledge they have about your products and services so you can present the information in the correct vernacular. If your audience is retail or residential based, then use terms that the layperson will understand. However, if you are marketing to people within your industry, you should use industry and technical terms. There is nothing more frustration than to present basic information to a highly knowledgeable audience, or to speak at too high a level to a novice audience.

Look at the Competition
Watching what your competitors are doing is a form of market research. In this case, you’ll be looking at those who share the same target audience as you, and compete in your marketplace. Evaluate their brand, their message, the online websites where they publish and the messaging they promote in their advertising. As your prospects and clients look for a business online like yours, you can be found along with others and not be overlooked.

Choose the Right Platforms
The number of available social media platforms is huge, and starting a social media campaign can seem overwhelming. If you're just starting out with social media, plan to use just 1 or 2 platforms. Start with the social media platforms where you expect your greatest audience to be. As per my prior point, you can use the same platforms that your competition uses.

How Often to Post
How often should you post? That is not an easy question to answer. There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to posting. Posting too infrequently can lead to your business being missed, ignored or simply forgotten. Posting too often can be overwhelming, and cause your audience to lose interest. I believe that you should post as often as your audience will tolerate. However, there's no easy way to know that until you start posting and track the frequency of views over time. You can post daily, weekly or monthly. And, you can have different posting frequencies for different social media platforms.

If you’re going to post every day, keep your posts short and to the point. Also, vary your post types. For example, alternate among text posts, video posts, or image posts so your readers have variety each day. If you decide to post less often than once daily, then variety in post type is less important. Instead, put your effort into creating more robust content and for a variety of topics.

There are also SEO (Search Engine Optimization) benefits to building up the number of posts on your website and social media sites.  In general, the more pages and posts you have, the greater the chance a reader has to find you through the search engines. While SEO is not quite as simple just this, post frequency and quantity will generally bring you much more web traffic.

Post Consistently
More important than frequency of posting is frequency consistency. That could be from daily to a few times a week to once each month. Once you select a frequency, stick with it. It's OK to set a different posting frequency for different social media platforms. For example, you may chose to tweet daily, post on Facebook weekly and post on your blog monthly. Regular readers of this blog know that I post here monthly. On Twitter (, I tweet once or twice each week.

It's clear that many businesses rely on social media to promote their brand, products and services. However, social media marketing is not about volume selling and posting random content. Using social media effectively for business can be a quick, easy and user-friendly way to interact with your target audience. With a little investment in time, your business can be well on its way to developing a strong online presence and following.

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Friday, June 1, 2018

Volunteerism: To Grow Your Business

The biggest challenge any business has is to find new customers. This challenge is even larger when a business is new. The reason why is that you do not yet have a substantial network  of client referrals or testimonials. Professional references validate your brand and business, and reduce the customer's perceived risk of hiring you. Without significant professional references, how does a new business or consultant earn clients?
We all know the warm and fuzzy reasons for volunteering. Personally, I feel that we should all contribute in some way to improving some aspect of our world, globally or locally, without any expectation of getting something in return. However, smart business people know that in addition to the unselfish benefits, volunteering can be a valuable way to generate new leads and to promote their service offerings and professional brand.

Make New Connections
When you volunteer for an organization, you expand your contacts. You meet new people who could turn out to be customers, mentors, or referrals. Without having to make a cold call or hard sell, volunteering gives you an opportunity to develop relationships with new people. Then by expanding your network, you will have the opportunity to receive new leads for business. 

Get Great Public Relations
If you get involved with an event or organization through volunteering, there’s often media and promotions involved. You and your company name, logo and website address may be promoted in conjunction with the opportunity to a new audience of potential customers, and be a reinforcement among your existing customers. Favorable public relations for you and your business will enhance your brand with customers.

Develop New Skills
Volunteering can give you a chance to focus on personal and professional growth. It could be an opportunity to develop new skills you can take to your customers. Additionally, the soft skills you will learn volunteering are likely to be highly desirable for your relationship to clients.

Volunteer work can broaden your professional and personal life experiences. Unlike paid work, the requirements for volunteering are more likely to be linked to your passions and interests, rather than extensive work experience. The additional benefit of volunteering is that you can utilize these opportunities to grow your business and brand.

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